Php 2:3 Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.
 We live in a culture that is often me, myself, and I. Athletes often leave a school that they have committed to if they don’t become the stars they were projected to be immediately. People get very impatient in drive through lines at fast food restaurants. Others cut people off in traffic, or ride peoples bumpers until you almost feel like they have become attached to your vehicle.  
Well you have heard the negative so how about a little positive here. I can think of at least three occasions in the past week that someone volunteered to let us go ahead of them in the checkout line at the grocery store. One time the lady even had a much smaller amount of good than we had. 
Sometimes in the church we may not consider others before we do ourselves. Some people like it real cool. Others don’t seem to have a problem with it being a little warmer. I could make a long list of things that challenge relationships between Christians in a congregation, but I won’t hang out there. Instead let us look at what advice Paul gave the church at Philippi
Some feel like Philippi could have been Paul’s favorite congregation. He didn’t have to do some of the major correcting like he did with the church at Corinth. He is able to do a lot of exhorting to the church at Philippi. It appears that they were in one accord and he wants to help them to remain in one accord. 
He reminds them let nothing be done out of selfish ambition. The Greek term here for selfish ambition is eritheia.. It means a feeling of resentfulness based upon jealousy, and implying. rivalry. Remember other Christians that God may be blessing with greater attendance are not our rivals. Remember that we are all part of the Body of Christ. Remember that when we have small group ministry, youth ministry, or music ministry it is for the Glory of God and not to establish factions.  
The Greek term for selfish ambition here is kenodoxia. It means a state of pride without a basis for justification, cheap pride, vain pride, empty pride. So on the other hand when God is really moving in our services and doing awesome things among us we can take no pride in that, because it is God doing it and it is for God’s glory. This doesn’t mean that we don’t encourage one another, but we encourage one another so that the Holy Spirit will continually use us for the glory of God.  
The Greek term for lowliness of mind is tapeinophrosune. 

 I’m glad that I am writing this one and not trying to pronounce it. It means humility without arrogance. A lot of Christians confuse boldness with arrogance. Boldness is walking in humility, speaking the truth in love. 
When we esteem others, we are modeling what Christ commands us to do. We are also showing others that we value them. We are showing them that God values them. Sometimes I have to preach this message to myself. My prayer for all of us today is that we will do this. When we do we will show the world that there is a better way than the me, myself, and I culture that is so prevalent today.
Let us Pray
Lord Jesus we thank You that You have given us the perfect model on how to do this when You came to earth in the form of a man. You have also given us the perfect Helper in the Holy Spirit to help us to do this. We believe that You will do this work in our lives for the glory of God and the advancement of Your Kingdom here on earth!

In Jesus Name

Still playing catchup, but we will get there. We love you all with the love of Jesus Christ!

Your Friend/Kinfolk


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