GET TOGETHER- Give Cheerfully

GET TOGETHER- Give Cheerfully2Co 9:7 So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.
Let me ask you a couple of questions. Do you give to God! Do you give to others for the Glory of God! Do you give cheerfully? Although certainly this passage has to do with the giving of money. I believe that this principle found in this verse could also be applied to how we give of our time as well as of our financial resources.

In this passage we see that we have the freedom to choose to choose to give. And just as we have the freedom to give with our finances we also have the freedom to choose to give with our time. By the way neither one I don’t believe is a substitute for the other. But we do have that freedom.

The Greek term here for purpose is proaireomai. It means to come to a decision beforehand. Certainly, there are some things that we would not want to give of our financial resources, or time too. On the other hand, there are many wonderful ways to give of our financial resources and our time in the Kingdom. That is why we need the Holy Spirit to help us to be sure that our giving of resources and time is going into good ground.

And we certainly don’t want to have a bad attitude when we give. The Greek term here for grudgingly is lupe, loo’-pay. It means a state of unhappiness, grief, or pain. I pray that none of this describes us as givers. I pray that whne we serve with our time that we don’t do it grudgingly. I pray that we do it cheerfully. The Greek term here for necessity is anagke, an-ang-kay’. It means a general state of distress and trouble. This person never enjoys giving of their time, or their resources. 
Let us look at the cheerful giver. The Greek term here for cheerful is hilaros, hil-ar-os’. It means to be cheerfully happy. Who said that God didn’t promise to make us happy? Today if you are not a cheerful giver would you pray and ask the Lord to help you to become one. He wants to bless you. He will bless you when you give of your resources and time for His Glory in the Kingdom.
Let Us Pray
Lord Jesus we thank You for the blessings of giving. We thank You for those who have given to help us to advance the Kingdom. We thank You for us being able to give to others through our resources and time. We thank you that You gave the greatest gift ever given when You gave your life for us to be forgiven of our sins. It is a blessing and an honor to give in every way into Your Kingdom

In Jesus Name

PS I do believe in tithing and that should be done cheerfully as well. 
Please pray for the upcoming Kairos weekend at Hamilton A&I and for the beginning of the Upward Sports Flag Football Ministry this weekend.

Your Friend/Kinfolk


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