Healing Evangelist Tommy Combs

 Sunday, January 21st @ 10am

In CCF Sanctuary

Guest Speaker : Evangelist Tommy Combs

Evangelist Tommy Combs was healed by God of hepatitis C – It was the late 1950’s and young Tommy was dying. But his mother and his aunt knew how to pray! Tommy was dying, but God had a plan for Tommy’s healing. Oral Roberts was praying on TV that Sunday morning, and Tommy’s mother Josephine joined her faith with Brother Roberts. As they prayed, the Holy Spirit moved into the room, bringing healing to Tommy, and knocking the others in the room to the floor. The doctors and nurses down the hall saw a bright light reflecting from Tommy’s hospital room and ran to see what was happening. They found the mother and the aunt on the floor – out cold – the power of God had invaded that hospital room and healed Tommy completely. The doctors called for normal testing that day and were amazed to find that Tommy had NO sign of disease in his body. God had a plan for Tommy then, and today Tommy walks in that destiny that God had prepared for him.

website: http://evangelisttommycombs.org/index.php/tommycombs/?___store=english