Soaking the Sanctuary

Below you will find a schedule for the prayer meetings September 17th -30th along with the Prayer Leaders for each prayer Meeting.  

All people commit to pray for the church at least one hour a day between September 17and September 30th. September 30 is Yom Kippur the Old Testament Day of Atonement. I feel like that is prophetic that being the closing day.

The Pastor will send a verse of Scripture each day with some prayer points. Also you will have the freedom to pray from your heart during the prayer meetings.

Also during the month of September would you pray Ephesians Chapter 4 over the church at least one day a week? When the Holy Spirit first brought us here I felt like He said to pray that passage over the church every week. I do every Sunday, but I feel like the Lord wants me to ask you to take one of the other days and do it. Thank you so much. God has great things in store for CCF. With the increase in opportunities we must have a concentrated prayer covering as we move forward in Christ.

In Jesus Name
Brother Preston

Updated :This is the schedule for prayer times. I think I need to clarify something. This is not soaking prayer as when we just sit and soak. The Holy spirit gave me this word for us to soak this place with prayer during these fourteen days. Thanks in advance for all who will participate in any of these prayer meetings. September 17th -September 30 th

In Jesus Name

Brother Preston

Day Time Leader

Sunday 5P.M. Donnie McCoy

Monday 8:30 A.M. June Taylor

Tuesday Tuesday Night at end of Small Group

Wednesday 8:30 A.M. Nancy and Kristen Martin

Thursday 7:00 P.M. Ben and Sherry Harbor

Friday 9:00 A.M. Tonya Haney

Saturday 7:00 A.M. Brother Preston