Sunday Sermon 6/7/2020- What is my Barabbas?

Jesus Who is Love is the only Answer- Deborah Miller-6/3/2020

Pentecost Sunday 5/31/2020

Sunday Service 5/17/2020

Wednesday Teaching-Mommy Life- Windshield or Rear-view Mirror- Deborah Miller

I’m so sorry the sound is not good. I am working on it and will upload a better one if fixed. Try to enjoy this word on Enduring by Pastor David Cantrell. YouTube will be available once its finishes uploading.

Enduring – Pastor David Cantrell-5/10/2020

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5/3/2020 Sunday Sermon By David Cantrell

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Wednesday Night Teaching – A Sword or a Bookend- Deborah Miller

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Sunday Morning Sermon-What You Really Looking For? – 4/26/2020

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The Elements- Rain & Son- Deborah Miller- 4/22/2020