1Pe 5:7 casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. (NKJV)

            I remember when I first heard about this verse.  I don’t think that I had even read the whole book of 1 Peter at that time. It was early in my Christian Journey.  I was still working in our family business at the time. A good friend who used to stop by and eat with us at the time gave the verse to me.

            At that time, we weren’t sure what our primary calling in the Kingdom was. We were trying to serve the Lord and be His witness where we were. That wasn’t always easy. Sometimes you hurt when you had to let an employee go that needed a job. They could have violated a trust, or have been tardy, or had unexcused absences. That wasn’t always easy. It could have been another time when a customer wasn’t satisfied with the product that they had purchased. Or it could have been when you needed to make some necessary changes that were going to involve and affect others.

Also as parents trying to raise children there were often challenges that could bring you some concern.  So, what I am trying to say is that in life there are lots of things that require our attention and they are not always so pleasant.

            I used to handle things like that with drugs and alcohol. But after I came to Christ I found a better way. It is to cast those things upon Him.  Sometimes as Christians although we may not go back to previous means of coping such as drunkenness, drug abuse, and certain other destructive sinful behaviors, we may resort to worrying and getting stressed out over things that are challenges in life.

            The Greek term for casting here is   epirrhipto,  ep-ir-hrip’-to.  It means to stop worrying and trust. It also means to throw or hurl something onto something else.  Yesterday morning the Holy Spirit gave me this word about something. I prayed and did exactly what the scripture said to do.  This morning I woke up and this came back to my mind. And by faith I had to say no I cast that upon the Lord yesterday. It takes a lot of wasted energy to go pick something back up that is heavy up from where that you have thrown it down to.  Then when you pick it back up and  start to carry it again it will be so heavy that it will beat you down.

            The Greek term for care is merimna,  mer’-im-nah. It means a feeling of apprehension or distress in view of possible danger, or misfortune. It also means worry, or anxiety.  Five times in the Gospel of Matthew Jesus talks about worry. Here is one of the verses: Mt 6:34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”

            So today let me ask you a question. Is there something that is causing you anxiety? Cast it upon Him. He is more than big enough to handle it. He carried a heavy wooden cross to Calvary and died for you and me so that we could have access to cast our care upon Him. He did it because He cares for us and loves us. So today let Him be God. Cast the big things and the small things upon Him. He loves you and He is more than enough to handle it.


Let Us Pray

Lord Jesus please forgive us when we try to play God and not trust You to take care of the things that rob us of our peace. Today Lord we pray for faith to arise in us  so that we will cast our big cares upon you, our small cares upon you,  and all of our cares upon you.

In Jesus Name





You pray for me that I won’t go back and pick up what I have cast upon Him and I will do the same for you.

Your Friend/Kinfolk



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